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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I link to these videos to my parish website?

A: You can link to these videos on any website and even embed them.  You can even use our logo and description to advertise the Elements of the Catholic Mass.  You cannot, however, sell any of our content.  It must be distributed for free.



Q:   How many episodes are there?

A: We are still currently in production of Season 1.  We are planning on having about 31 episodes in the first season, which is based on the foundations of the Mass. Check back for more updates.



Q: Can I purchase these videos in a DVD set for a faith formation group in a parish or other setting?

A: That’s a good question.  We have had a number of such requests and are exploring this as an option for parishes and faith formation groups.  We’ve even been asked if the series can be used in an RCIA class.  Check back here for more updates.



Q: Can I print the study guide and make copies?

A: Yes, you can duplicate the study guides.  However, you cannot duplicate with the intent of including it in a final product for sale.  It has to be given out for free.



Q: Does the host in the film series do presentations on the Mass?

A: Yes, Fr. Douglas Martis does have a presentation on the Mass that is designed for parishes.  If you are interested in bringing Fr. Martis to your parish you can call 847-837-4540.



For more information please contact the Liturgical Institute

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